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Face Painting

With our face painting service, your guests can use their imagination to become a fantasy creature for the day.  We’ve been providing face painters since 2011 and have learned ways to move long lines along as quickly as possible. We provide half face (either one side of the face or forehead) and eye designs.

How it works

After your guest selects a face paint design and colors, the artist will paint the design directly onto the skin.  We use safe, high-quality face paint available in many colors (including pink and purple combinations – a favorite among younger girls).  The entire process takes only a few minutes.  Each artist is able to paint about 12 full-color face paintings per hour.  For very large events we can provide up to 10 face paint artists (120 faces per hour) per event.

As with all our interactive entertainment, our professional face painters are friendly and approachable.  We believe in providing high-quality fun that your guests will enjoy long after the event is over.

Face Paint Designs

We have a wide variety of face paint designs to choose from – popular sports, animals, tribal art, symbols, flowers, hearts, animals – you name it and we probably have a design for it!

We cannot create trademarked or copyrighted designs without your proof of obtained permission from the owner.

A few of your questions answered:

How long should my face painting last?

Your face painting will last for a few hours to the end of the day at best.

What kind of face paint do you use? Is it safe?

Face Paint is actually high-quality cosmetic makeup made especially for face painting. They are non-toxic, made with cosmetic-grade ingredients and the ingredients are FDA approved.

How can I remove my face paint?

Face paint normally washes right off with soap and water. . If you have any issues removing it, lather the design with shampoo, rinse.

Can young kids get face painted?

You bet! Anyone can get face painted, that’s the fun of them! We will take the extra time to make a little one comfortable. We can usually paint something quick and cute.

Are your designs age-appropriate?

We recognize that many children attend events where our Face Paint artists will be working.  For that reason, all of our designs are 100% kid-friendly, but not necessarily kiddie style. We promote family fun entertainment that is non-violent, therefore, we do not paint or any design that we perceive as violent.

We make every effort to be in compliance with parents’ wishes.  So even if you’re not at an event your child attends, we’ll be watching out for your kids!

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